Chocolate orange Halloween cupcakes

Chocolate orange Halloween cupcakes

Another cupcake post because let’s face it, you can do so much with a cupcake for any occassion. This follows the same recipe as my previously posted chocolate easter cupcake with vanilla frosting, however instead of using vanilla extract, I used 1tsp orange essence and a gel food colouring called paprika, until it reached a bright orange. I then drizzled the top with dark chocolate, and also did a spider web pattern on some others.

I think the great thing about cupcakes is that you can buy great cases for any theme, I think the orange frosting really contrasts against the dark green wrapper which is decorated with bats.

I know it’s a little early for Halloween, but never to early for chocolate and orange, one of the greatest pairings in food flavours!

I hope you enjoy the lovely fluffy chocolate cupcake against the zingy sweet frosting.

Happy baking x


2 thoughts on “Chocolate orange Halloween cupcakes

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